Buying Tips


Buying a home involves a number of important considerations including:

  • You/your families’ lifestyle
  • Your emotional wants and practical needs
  • Affordability / financial allocation
  • Investment strategy

It’s a good idea to speak with your current lender or an Independent Finance Broker- this will give you satisfaction with:

Knowing what you can afford to buy, your borrowing commitment.

This often places you in a stronger position when negotions commence. Because the initial paperwork for finance has already been done, less time is needed when a financial consideration clause is used.

Consider and prepare a list of desired property features working with your family members and how you all spend your ‘home life’

I.e.: Size of the home, bedrooms required or desired, study, car accommodation, how you entertain, 2nd family room, large/ small kitchen, big yard or low maintenance. Pool, aspect to water etc.

Register your buyer details including you property requirements on our property buyer alert.

Develop regular communication with one of our experienced Sales Team members so the agent gets an accurate idea of what you want.

Your agent will assist and guide you through the buying process, showing you property that may suit your requirements and recommending related services as they arise.

When considering making an offer, discuss with your agent, be prepared to make a written offer and prepare to make available a financial ‘deposit stakehold’

Choose a solicitor/conveyancer to assist you with the paperwork and legalities.

Just remember we are here to help, we pride ourselves on assisting our clients any way we can. Feel free to call us 07 55385566